Is the Retirement System of Alabama failing financially?

Or is that argument just a smokescreen generated by those who would like to have access to the billions of dollars RSA manages, for personal gain? And who’s behind those efforts?

This critical issue will be at the forefront of the upcoming 2017 legislative session. Come arm yourself with facts so you can share the truth with friends & family, and especially your legislator. Make sure your voice is heard!

Geoff Statum and David Harer, firefighters whose retirement is invested with RSA, are activists protecting these retirement funds for millions of Alabamians. These gentlemen will present the facts and lead the discussion. Background information here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/350375204981651/

Introduction by Joe Ward, President of the Alabama Education Retirees Association.  http://www.aerainc.org/

In addition, the latest activities of Forward Alabama will briefly reviewed, and you’ll get to see the first public showings of 2 hard-hitting public service ‘commercials’ FA has produced and will ‘air’ before the election. Here are previews of both ‘spots’: https://youtu.be/bA92Fp9laeo ; https://youtu.be/kB-blSeYXpE

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2nd!

Sponsored by Limestone County Democrats and Forward Alabama