All About the Why

The Limestone County Democrats are going through the challenging and necessary work of developing the resources, infrastructure, and processes we need to strengthen our party. As we do so, we remember that our party and it’s resources are not why we are here. They are important, but they are really just the tools. We will use them to elect Democratic candidates in Limestone County and support Democrats everywhere. But that’s not the reason we are here. We will win elections to increase the influence of the Democratic Party, yet even that is but a stepping stone to our real purpose.

We are here to improve the lives of people who depend on us. We are here to build a strong Democratic government that will create an economy that fairly rewards the poor and the middle class, will protect the vote and the institutions that uphold our democracy, will guarantee that the rights afforded to everyone within our borders are respected, and will preserve a clean environment to nurture precious life.

Our real, nitty-gritty job is to unite people who share our values so that they can help us achieve them, and to provide those who do not an honest opportunity to evaluate them. The hard work of building our organization can seem overwhelming — and it is sometimes — but I promise you the destination is worth it.


Kenneth Hines