We are your friends and neighbors.


We measure our success in lives changed. Our story is a testament to strength, resilience, shared values, and a belief in the positive impact ordinary people can make when they come together to create lasting change.

We are housewives, phD scientists, teachers, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers; fathers, husbands, and grandfathers, retirees, farmers, engineers, factory & retail workers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, and retirees who volunteer many hours in our communities …

We are veterans of different wars and conflicts, and descendants of veterans in many wars, including the Revolutionary War.

Our Executive Committee includes African Americans, Caucasians, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Latinos, and we range in ages from 29 to 87 years old.

We are native Alabamians and we are new Americans. We are tough as nails, and committed to bringing real, lasting progress to Alabama and the people of Limestone County.